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Advantages of VoIP over traditional phone systems

Does your business make international calls on a regular basis? Do you have employees at multisite offices or in remote locations?

If so, you might want to consider getting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your business calls. With VoIP, you connect callers by taking advantage of the internet to transmit and receive data signals. This means that the data signals are in digital format, which results in clearer and faster transmission and reception of data signals, this is particularly beneficial to businesses working with international employees and contacts as VoIP allows them to be conducted at local call rates in the destination country saving you hundreds per year.

It can also be useful for businesses that operate at multiple locations; it gets even easier for employees who work at multiple locations within your company. By “signing in” to any phone on your network, all their calls are automatically routed to them. There is no need to set up forwarding rules or reassign numbers. For corporate trainers, IT staff, and other employees who routinely visit multiple offices, this is a huge improvement.

Workers who are on the road can also take advantage of the fact that VoIP systems don’t care where a physical phone is. In many implementations, a salesperson in a hotel room can log in to the company network and make and receive calls exactly as if they were in their office.

VoIP have integrated services that are impossible in a conventional telephone. The standard features include audio conferencing, video conferencing, three-way calling, caller ID, answering machine features and much more. All you need is to subscribe to a VoIP service provider and a broadband internet connection in order to start taking advantage of this technology. You will also need a computer or an internet phone.
VoIP provides cheaper and free calls and it provides numerous features that are expensive or in some cases, impossible in a conventional telephone. They charge a lot less than traditional landlines, because they don’t have to maintain an old and expensive network.

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