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Report predicts growth in Unified Communications market until at least 2016

The report forecasts growth in the US but for reasons that should apply in the UK too.

TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Enterprise Unified Communication market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 4.19 percent over the period 2012–2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing requirement for affordable enterprise communication medium in the country. The market has also been witnessing a rising demand for enterprise mobility. However, the requirement for high initial investment for unified communication system could pose a challenge to the growth of this market. View the report here: TechNavio Report

There’s also some interesting analysis on the report over at Unified Communications Insight, click for more: State of the US market – a routemap for the UK?

Updated and improved selection of VoIP phones and routers now live

CS540 Wireless HeadsetIP7000We are pleased to announce we have recently added some new hardware to the VoIP Advantage site. We have kept our range of Snom phones that have been extremely popular and looked to complement these with a selection of new hardware. We’ve added a fantastic range from Polycom, who offer some truly great conferencing units, one of which can be seen in the picture on the right. We’ve revamped our router selection, ensuring we can continue to cater for any business internet needs and we’ve also added further phones from Gigaset, with new handsets available from just £22.50.

Please take a look at our full selection and as always if you require any assistance or advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01273 358000

Additional security feature – passphrase access to control panel

Accessing your account now requires the use of a security passphrase.

In order to assist our customers with maintaining the security of their accounts we have recently enabled a new security feature for customers accessing their control panels. This security feature will prompt you to enter specified characters from your account’s security passphrase to authorise access to your control panel. The security passphrase can be managed via the Contact Details section in your control panel.

More protection from fraud with new IP access control

To add to the levels of protection that we provide to customer accounts we have introduced a new security feature to allow you to validate IP addresses that you wish to use your VoIP services from.

This feature protects you by only allowing chargeable outbound calls to be made if the IP address that your phone is using has been added to your control panel. Please note that phones that are already registered to the VoIP platform have automatically been added to the IP Access Control List (IP ACL) and will continue to work, calls will also be allowed automatically from our own VoIP Advantage IP addresses and large UK Internet service providers.

In order to view your IP ACL page please follow the steps below:

1. Log onto your control panel via the portal
2. Click on VoIP tab
3. Click on IP ACL

This page will list all of your calls that have been barred due to using an IP address that has not been entered into your control panel.

This page will also provide you with details of the calls that have been denied. These details include the IP address that the calls were attempted from, when the call was made and the amount of calls attempts that have been denied. Therefore you can use this page to easily troubleshoot outbound call issues, verifying quickly if it has been caused by the IP ACL functionality. In some cases you may even be able to pre-empt a call to our customer services team if you spot new entries on the page, as well as fraud attempts that have been thwarted by the tool.

Please note that you will have the ability to allow your services to make calls from any location via the IP ACL table however we strongly recommend against this and by enabling this you will be opting out of our security feature.

Internet connectivity maintenance planned for 14th August at 9pm

As part of our platform provider’s £1 million plus investment in infrastructure, they are planning some major developments and the first phase is scheduled for August 2012. We are notifying you in advance of dates, specific changes and services affected during these upgrades.

All Consumer & Business Broadband, and Internet connectivity to our upstream network providers (i.e. TalkTalk Business, EFM, Fibreline, Virgin Media, BT Wholesale/FTTC), Gradwell – all services will experience intermittent outages during this period.

VoIP Platform DNS Tweak Scheduled for 9th August at 3am

A new maintenance window has been scheduled for 09/08/12 at 3am.


As part of the ongoing infrastructure improvements to our VoIP platform, the Systems Operations Team will be making some minor changes to the DNS configuration for a number of hostnames.


Each of the hostnames listed below will be changed to a single IP address of There will be no service outage when this change is applied, but some customers may experience difficulties if they have mapped the old IP addresses directly in their premises Firewall equipment. Adding a new rule with the same ports open will allow traffic to pass. We do however strongly advise you do not use the direct IP address, and instead use the Fully Qualified Domain Name

We do however strongly advise you do not use the direct IP address, and instead use the official name

Notification of planned infrastructure improvements and possible disruption of services

As part of our platform provider’s £1 million plus investment in infrastructure, they are planning some major developments and the first phase is scheduled for August 2012.

The intention is to minimise the impact on customers. However, it is possible that some customers may be affected.

Please note we plan to provide additional Technical Support and Customer Services during peak engineering activity on August 15th and 18th.

Below, please find details of the planned infrastructure changes:

To enhance the provision, availability and quality of services, we are undertaking a major programme of work to replace our London network.

Core elements of the existing network will be migrated onto new hardware during three planned maintenance windows.

• Phase 1 Prerequisite work: 06/08/2012 – 10/08/2012 inclusive

No planned disruption. However, services may be at risk due to engineering work

• Phase 2: 14/08/2012 @21:00 – 05:00 15/08/2012 inclusive

All Consumer & Business Broadband, and Internet connectivity to our upstream network providers (i.e. TalkTalk Business, EFM, Fibreline, Virgin Media, BT Wholesale/FTTC) – all services will experience intermittent outages during this period

• Phase 3: 17/08/2012 @22:00 – 05:00 18/08/2012 inclusive

Telephony Services – VoIP services will experience periods of reduced capacity during this window.

How to apply NAT handling fix for latest Technicolor TG582n router

On the latest Technicolor TG582n routers we’ve been sending out for use with our Broadband packages in some network setups incoming calls are not being received on handsets and softphones inside the network. This is due to an issue with the treatment of data packets over the NAT protocol. The previous workaround was to use external static IP addresses on each phone. However, in some network situations this is not desirable (perhaps due to a need to install new cabling and switches).

We now have a fix for the NAT handling issue provided by the manufacturer. The below settings need to be applied by using telnet to connect to the router.

First, you need to make sure that telnet is enabled. This has been disabled by default with Windows Vista and Windows 7, so to enable it follow these quick steps:

Control Panel
Programs And Features
Turn Windows features on or off
Check Telnet Client
Hit OK

Then you need to go to the command prompt and type telnet then hit enter then it will request your router user name: admin and password: the CP number printed on the router

The next task you need to do is paste the following information in to the command prompt telnet session:

ppp ifdetach intf Internet
ppp ifconfig intf Internet mru 1500
ppp ifattach intf Internet

Then press enter.

Then log in to your router through your web browser by putting in the router ip address which is It will ask you for a user name: admin and password: your CP number. Once logged in click on Technicolor Gateway. Then press Restart my Technicolor Gateway. Let that go through the restart process and when that is done test your phones. They should be back up and running properly.

Our platform provider announces expansion with £1 million in new funding

We are excited to announce that our VoIP and Broadband platform provider Gradwell has received backing for a significant 4×4 expansion plan. To grow four times larger in four years. This is being supported by a £1.15 million investment from regional equity fund Altitude Partners LLP.

The investment from Altitude Partners ( will enable Gradwell to significantly scale up their infrastructure and make major investments in their technical support department. This will help us to provide our own customers with a more reliable and future-proof service.

It is really pleasing to us that our choice of platform supplier has been validated yet again. This will enable us to continue providing improving services and support as we ourselves grow.

Time saving with Voice-to-Text

Voice-to-Text is a simple idea that saves lots of time. You can have your voicemails sent to you as a text or email and simply click to read them. In order to pick up your messages you do not need to waste time by:
• finding a pen,
• finding a piece of paper,
• checking the pen works,
• dialling into your messages,
• scribbling down the message (hoping to get the details right),
• listening again (to make sure the details are right)

Ask us how to turn this on for your account.